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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Inside the SistaSense Power Circle

The SistaSense Power Circle Two Day TeleSummit was a HUGE success, but you don't have to take my word for it. Watch the video above, to get a sneak peak into the nuggets of GOLD, powerful information that our speakers were sharing.

I know you want the replays. The pre-order rate of $45 has expired, BUT you can use the extended promo code PCR15 to get $15 off! This code will work for the next 30 who use it. As many attendees noted, this package is worth WAY more. After listening to the unbelievable WEALTH of information, 9 sessions, 60 minutes each from 7 business professionals committed to your personal and professional growth ... after listening, attendees could not believe they GOT ALL that wealth for at such a low cost.

Way more important than adding a price tag to this was my GOAL to create a POWERFUL, USEFUL, PRACTICAL, ACCESSIBLE tool to those of you out there who need the guidance, the information, the inspiration, but don't have that power circle around you. Folks tell me to raise my prices ALL THE TIME, but at the end of the day I always want to focus on what works for you. What is realistic and feasible for you. SO this is it! This is for you. This is my power circle.

Power Circle Attendee, Regina Baker had this to say about Our TeleSummit:

After listening to the speakers last night, I understood clearly that it wasn’t a “get this, buy this and do this rally” — they shared the why, how and what, that got them to where they are today, AND each one of them eventually ended their session saying the same thing — about aligning yourself around positive, encouraging, like-minded, going somewhere people!

I can honestly say, in all my 14 years online, never, ever have I heard so much honesty, generosity and truth. These are the type of people I choose to surround myself with – just one of my POWER circles, what’s yours? - Regina Baker

Read Regina's complete post Sistasense Recap: Ditch the Bling. Visit my contact me page to let me know what you would like to hear and who you would like to speak at the next Power Circle TeleSummit. To download the replays and/or learn more go to

Last but not least, for those of you who asked, I do host weekly SistaSense Circle Calls. My mastermind group for women entrepreneurs who want to talk business, learn my marketing strategies, and ultimately get things done. For more details about the weekly calls visit

Saturday, July 02, 2011


SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit: Early Bird Registration and Speakers

The success of your business depends on the company you keep! When I think about how much my business has grown over the last four years, I attribute a great deal of my success to the powerful, successful, business minded people around me.

I believe that your success depends on the network of people you build around you. Someone once told me, find 12 successful people to surround yourself with and you will be where they are in a year. Now I am telling you the same thing. I would like to officially invite you to the 1st SistaSense Power Circle: a 2 Day TeleSummit for Web Entrepreneurs from July 29 - July 30 2011.

If you have ever participated in one of my webinars, teleconferences, or twitter parties then you already know this is an event you do not want to miss. Some of the most talented and successful entrepreneurs that I know have graciously agreed to share 2 days worth of powerful business changing, mind shifting information with you.

Our Keynote speaker, Donna Maria Johnson is the founder of INDIE Business. She will share her secret to Leadership: INDIE Business Style. How to enjoy your life! Build your business! Have your way!

Wealth Coach and Finance Expert Deborah Owens is going to discuss A Purse of Your Own: The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Ministry Marketing / Social Media Expert Pam Perry will show you how to use your book to build a business, essential marketing strategies every solopreneur and author should know.

I, Lashanda Henry aka Sistasense am leading two sessions. One on how you can get paid for what you know and the other on list building and client attraction essentials.

The Brand Coach, Jai Stone will speak on how you can increase your brand recognition through social media.

Successful Blogger and Social Media Expert Lamar Tyler is going to share his Blogging Expertise: Profit, Presence, and Good Pr.

Mommy Blogger and Brand Relationships Expert Onica Cupido offers her insight on how you can develop strong relationships with brands.

Multi-million dollar mompreneur Richelle Shaw is going to give you an inside look into her million dollar equation!

Our speakers are experienced, successful entrepreneurs that you need to know and have in your circle. They have a wealth of information to share. When I listen to them speak I think of them as not just motivators, but divine educators genuinely invested in helping others live their best life.

Early Bird Registration for this event starts now, ends soon and is $30. Seriously only $30. My friends, my mentors, my peers and partners are eager to share their expertise with you because I asked them to be apart of this Power Circle. Believe me when I say you will miss out if you do not make this event.

Go to

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


(video) Social Media Marketing for People Who Don't Get It But Want To

The video above is entitled 'Social Media Marketing for People Who Don't Get It But Want To'.

It seems like everybody wants to get into social media marketing, but very people actually get it. Inspired by my trip to the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, I decided to create this video for those in my circle who are interested in social media, want to get into it because its very popular, but don't really understand the value of spaces like twitter, facebook, and youtube.

Documenting my amazing BE trip, I go through the different ways I was able to easily use social media portals as real-time marketing, conversation, business branding, credibility building, client retention, new client attraction spaces. While I know that sounds like a mouthful, this is in a nutshell exactly what you want to do and I'm hoping in this video I can shed light on how you get it done.

To some degree I do get into practical things that I do on social media, which you can do to promote your business and build your personal brand. For a more in depth understanding of how I use social media tools and blogging to build relationships, increase visibility as well as sales online I recommend you download my previous telecourse: SistaSense Circle: How to Increase Your Sales and Visibility Online.

If you are not in my social circle here are a few of my latest "Let's Network Now Activities" ... If you are a brilliant business woman click here and if you want to share your weblinks or words of wisdom click here.

Saving the best for last I want to say that it was truly an honor to not only attend the BE Women of Power Summit, but to have my Google Me video featured in the Black Enterprise Social Media Bootcamp workshop. If you are interested, you can go to the BE Insider Social Network to watch the Social Media Bootcamp Presentation.

This post was created for my other blog: - created to help you make sense of making money online.


Adding Your Business To

Launched in 2011, is an online black business directory. The goal of the National Black Pages is to assist African American business owners in advertising their businesses and websites.

As I mentioned in my previous post, SEO Tips: Submitting Your Site to Niche Directories, adding your website information to online directories that target your audience is an easy way to improve your presence on google and drive traffic back to your website.

One of the women currently taking my Sistas Who Sell 7 Day Challenge, noted that when doing a search for her website the first link to come up was actually not her site, but a directory she was listed on. Directories and sites that are older or more established than your own may often times show up first in search engine queries, which is why you want to make sure even when you are not at the top of the search list you are visible on the sites that come up first. also has a growing collection of articles and videos of interest to black entrepreneurs and business owners online. Be sure to visit the NBP website,

If you want to learn more about SEO, also be sure to read this posts Driving Traffic to Your Website and No Cost Marketing Tips.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Social Media Money Tips for Women Entrepreneurs + My Just For Today Thing

Right now I have Social Networking / Social Media Marketing ALL Over my brain. While I normally limit myself to only 3 web projects a month, right now I am working on 4 custom ning network projects and 2 wordpress blog projects + redesigning my black parenting + along with maintaining my current 3 ning networks. I am 'work at home' working hard right now!

I just had an amazing radio interview with, Deborah Owens Finance Guru and Host of Wealthy Lifestyle Radio (replay below). Next week I am off to social network at Blogalicous Weekend 2010 and THEN two weeks later I will be speaking about Social Networking Essentials at the Extreme Makeover for the Woman Summit & Benefit.

Some how I've also managed to host a boat load of giveaways this week (see one, two, three), take my son to Toys R Us for Geoffry's 49th birthday party last week (adding pics to my facebook page soon) And in an hour from now we are going to the NC Seafood festival today after a day of fun yesterday! When next month hits, I think you'll have to stick a fork in ME instead of the turkey.

Wealthy Lifestyle Radio with Deborah Owens Audio Replay:

LaShanda Henry Talks about Why some internet entrepreneurs don't make sales because they are either too social (aka passive) or too aggressive with their marketing. (No audio below? Click here.)

Because Social Networking for Women Entrepreneurs is pretty much my thang I recently got my social network, featured in the latest For Dummies Guide - Social Media Marketing All In One! You can see shots of my network, Black Business Women Online and everything! (Pictures Coming Soon ... sorry I type faster than I get my photos and videos up). Anyhoo... I'm so excited about all my new found Social Networking Buzz and Business that I decided to give you some of my Social Media Money and Marketing secrets today!

Fact: When I started working at home full time, my first real goal was to make more than I was working in my 9-5. And now, in the last three months my income is 250% larger than it was when I left my job just a few years ago. Much of that growth I can attribute to using social media platforms like my blog AND building my own social network.

Go Download My Two Part MP3s: 5 Easy Steps and Using Social Media Marketing: What, Why, and How AND How to Overcome Your Fear of Using Technology to Build Your Business. Price: $15 (regular $27) | Download Here | Promo Code: SMM15

Go Download My Selling On Social Networks 7 Day eCourse: Price: $19 (regular $49) | Download Here | Promo Code SSN19

Go Download My Two eBooks: Create Your Own Ningalicous Network + Making Money With your Social Network: Price: $19 (regular $29) | Download Here | Promo Code CNN19

Just one more ... for purchases over $25 use this code for an additional 5 Discount: HI5

How could I forget, the Sistas Who Sell 7 Day Challenge is $7 | Sign Up Here | Ends Next Week

That's all she wrote, boys and girls! I am off to have a fabulous time at the Seafood fest and then its back to work for momma! TTFN -lh

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


9 Things Women Entrepreneurs Online Should Know About Building a Successful Business

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the question, "What would you ask me if we were on the phone right now?" Well, one of the questions I received from my Facebook circle was, "Do you still have a mentor or person you admire in your industry?" Truth be told I have a few people who guide me and help me learn more about Building a Successful Business.

As you can tell I have a ton of advice for women starting their own business, so I decided to pick 9 things that I have learned and turn them into the video above entitled, "9 Things Women Entrepreneurs Online Should Know About Buiding a Successful Business". If you can not view this video, click here.

After you watch this video be sure to click here and see what LaShanda Henry is working on FOR YOU right now.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


7 Simple Ways Women Entrepreneurs Market Online [pdf download]


As a thank you for being a member of the Black Business Women Online Social Network and/or reader of the Small Business Blog I would like to give you my latest eGuide, “What’s Working Now: 7 Simple Ways Women Entrepreneurs Market Online.

To download this guide, sign up to my Money and Marketing Newsletter. Truth be told, I decided to setup this new Mega-Newsletter because My BBWO Community is growing along side the SistaSense Blog and its been a challenge to keep up with the two. This past week I had a light bulb moment and figured it was officially time to combine my best marketing advice and resources into one guide that everyone can use.

If you decide to download this guide, you will also get the latest news, discussions, and small business resources available to the members of Black Business Women Online, a social network for women entrepreneurs.

As you try and learn about new marketing strategies, it only makes sense to be aware of what's working now, which is why I created this particular guide. Beyond building your website and purchasing advertising through various media outlets, this report details how Women Entrepreneurs are using the latest Small Business and Internet Marketing Strategies to drive more traffic and sales to their online ventures.

Along with this guide you will receive my bi-weekly newsletter on the most effective ways to market your business and network with other entrepreneurs online. If you have questions about the guide and/or the newsletter, let me know.

Also note the Sistas Who Sell 7 Day Challenge is happening now, so click here to get started and click here to find out what sistas are saying about the challenge.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


SistaSense Talks MP3 Giveaway + Selling Ad Space On Your Blog + BBWO Bloggers


LaShanda Henry Shares Three Things Blocking Your Online Business - Video Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

SistaSense Talks MP3 Giveaway: Grab Yours Before Its Gone
As you can tell by these weekly emails, I am a typer ... NOT a talker, BUT I heard it from the great vine that you might just want to do more than read today. Perhaps right this minute, you need to hear my voice and feel like I’m holding your hand, walking you through the process of figuring out where your online business is to today vs. where it could be tomorrow.
SistaSense Talks | Download

Did you watch, A Single Rose yet? Did you see what happened in that first scene? Crazy right! Its playing online right now. Be sure to watch it and let me know what you thought @sistasense.

(01) Selling Space On Your Blog ... How do you know what to charge?
(02) Is Anyone Familiar With Adsense?
(03) Can a social network be a business?
(04) In Case Others Want to Know, How do you ...
(05) How to Get Answers to Your Survey Questions
(06) How did you establish your business?


(01) Upcoming Events for Women Entrepreneurs
(02) Are you promoting your business on youtube?
(03) Business Women Today: What are you doing right now?
(04) Too Busy: How to Keep Up With BBWO
(05) 7 Ways Work at Home Moms Stay Sane and Profitable in the Summer
(06) Did you website get featured in the DailyClick?

Help a Sister Out....
Help with Your Ning Network
Help with Starting a Business Online
Help with Low Cost Marketing Strategies & Driving Traffic to Yo...
Help with Making Money online
Help with Starting a Blog

This concludes the Black Business Women Online Weekend Broadcast. To have your news featured in next weeks email, click here.

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