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Friday, September 09, 2005

Black Professional Networks

Have you ever heard the phrase “No man is an island?” In life no person can do everything on their own, and the business world is no exception to that rule. Successful business people learn how to successfully build strong networks. Along your career path, you will come across organizations and individuals who can help you develop both your business and your networking skills.

Below is a listing of websites that foster communication between African American Business owners.

Black Entrepreneur Listings

  1. is a database of profiles on successful black entrepreneurs, political types, inventors, companies and countries.
  2. The HBCU Network Listing of Black Entrepreneurs
  3. Discover the Top E business Sites of Black Planet Members
  4. Urban Hustler documenting success from the streets to the boardroom


  1. The Black Professional Network
  2. Entrepreneurship Forum
  3. African Business and Finance Forum
  4. Black In Touch Business and Finance Community
  5. AOL Black Voices Money Talks Forum
  6. Black Business and Finance Forum for Women
  7. Web Site Promotion Forum
  8. Izania Black Networking Forum
  9. Black Business Planet Forums

Online Resources and Guides

  1. Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine Resource Center
  2. Minority Business Network
  3. Score Resources for Minority Business Owners
  4. Black Business Network (Drum Beats Magazine)
  5. Business Articles
  6. Internet Resources for Minority Business Owners
  7. Minority Business Development Agency
  8. Women in Business Today Online Resource
  9. MAKING IT! - Minority Success Stories™ is a weekly, half-hour magazine format show which highlights the triumphs, challenges, and contributions of minority business.
  10. AOL Small Business Guide
  11. Small Business Resources for the Entrepreneur
  12. Yahoo Small Business Guide
  13. Bahiyah Woman Magazine Entrepreneurs Guide for Women


  1. African American Business Network
  2. Black Career Women
  3. Get Ready for Give 'N Take… a barter-exchange network for women entrepreneurs and executives. This unique organization brings women together to create opportunities, by providing a support system for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Its goal is to educate, collaborate and stimulate advancement in business.
  4. Young Black Entrepreneurs of NCSU
  5. National Federation of Independent Businesses
  6. National Minority Development Council Membership organization that provides a direct link between corporate America and minority-owned businesses
  7. National Black MBA Association
  8. Center for Black Business History, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
  9. National Black Business Council
  10. Prestige An organizations promoting entrepreneurship and economic development
  11. Black Business Association A non-profit organization founded in 1970 in Los Angeles, California and is recognized as one of the most viable minority business organizations in the country.
  12. National Black Business Trade Association A networking membership organization comprised of concerned business owners, entrepreneurs, and consumers.


  1. Support Black Business
  2. Black Online Entrepreneurs

Black Networking Events

  1. Black Biz Meetup : Meet other Black Professionals in your area through
  2. D-Mars Network News
  3. Minority Business Network Events Calendar

If you would like to update this list with your Black Business Organization, please email with the details, and submit your site to Urban Dynamics, the new black web portal at

About the Author:

LaShanda Henry is a self-published author on, and founder of Multiple Shades of You Online, an eCommunity for people of color (

© LaShanda Henry 2005
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