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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Free eBooks - Holiday Giveaway

It's been an amazing, busy, crazy year for me. I wanted to end it off with a bang, here are several of my ebooks for free from me to you. Feel free to share these links with your friends, free offers expire December: 31, 2008.


Happy Holidays
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Sunday, December 07, 2008


Top Free Web Tools for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur on a small budget, I like to pocket my profit and avoid spending whenever possible. In today's economy, you can't afford to waste your money. Check out my listing of the top FREE and affordable web tools for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Feel free to add your freebies to the list and/or share this list with others.

1. The best free web tool for every entrepreneur is of course I use paypal for everything; sending out invoices, setting up subscription payments, and creating shopping carts.

2. My cell phone is my primary line and that simply won't do as an entrepreneur. I spend little to nothing to make international calls on Skype and I host all my teleseminars, conference calls, and virtual meetings for Free using FreeConferenceCall.

3. Adding Video or Audio to your site doesn't have to cost you a thing! If you can't afford Go-to-Meeting, use UStream for live video streaming, it's free! PC Users take advantage of your free Movie Maker to create your own movies. For audio, download audacity, a free audio recorder. It's great for podcasting. I host my podcast on podbean for less than $5 a month, and I make money by adding a subscription fee to my premium podbean posts. In my podcast I share my e-business tips with other entrepreneurs.

4. I self publish all my books at no cost on and use Kunaki to mass produce my CDs.

5. There is no better Free email service than g-mail. Google has tons of free small business solutions, from google analytics to Google Docs for word processing applications, which are great if you don't have MS Word or MS Office.

6. Do you want to keep track of your website and marketing campaigns. Use google analytics to track your stats. Signup for Google Alerts and create alterts on your name, website, or business to receive free email notifactions of any weblinks relevant to you. When creating a new alert, remember to put phrases and names in quotations. Try Google's free keyword tool if you need help with selecting keywords for your ads or SEO campaigns.

7. If you are looking for free software visit or the FreeSite.

8. You can try eFax for online faxing services. When I don't feel like paying for faxes, I simply scan my document and send via email as a pdf. Get's the job done without the extra hassle.

9. If you are looking for freelance work or a freelancer for your project, visit to promote your business or find inexpensive services.

10. Get access to tons of Free Templates for newsletters, calenders, invoices, and more at Microsoft Office's Small Business Templates page.

11. Quality images are so important for your business. Every week I am in need of professional images for my blogs, banners, photos for business material, eBook covers, etc. I get my clipart and stock photography graphics from for as little as $1.

12. For only $5 per month I make hundreds of dollars in weeks by selling my e-Books on, the best website for selling digital content. I create all my eBooks using MS Word, Istock Photos, and I use a free webtool to convert my files to pdf format - PDF995.

13. Blogging is so important for my business. I get tons of Free Advice on Blogging from ProBlogger Darren Rowse, and Yaro Starak. Yaro even has FREE How-to-Blog video tutorials to help you build your first blog.

14. No Cost Marketing is my favorite kind of marketing. I promote my site for free online in tons of different ways. I created my own social networks for FREE on I use free social bookmarking and networking sites like and twitter to share my posts with other entrepreneurs. With thousands of friends on Myspace and Ning, I hardly ever pay for advertising.

15. When I am not on my Ning website, I am networking with people on yahoo groups and

16. For Creating a Blog, there is no better Free Blog Publishing Tool than Wordpress. Here is a listing of over 45 Free premium word press themes.

17. Send out your press releases using PRLeap and PRWeb.

18. The best free websites to host your videos are of course and

20. For the most affordable web hosting plans and domain name registration I suggest and

These are just a handful of free web tools and smalll business resources that I feature in my eBook, the Web Entrepreneurs Back Pack. I created this guide to give you access to over 500 web tools, so that you never have to waste your precious time searching for the right resources. You can download this ebook by itself or get it in a collection of my 3 Best Guides featuring information about Internet Marketing, Selling Your Products and Services online and finding affordable Small Business Services Online.

LaShanda Henry
Premium eBooks for Web Entrepreneurs


Selling Your Products and Services Online

I am a full time web entrepreneur / work at home mom, so I know the value of a dollar. When I don't work, my bills don't get paid, which is why I am working all the time! I am selling 24/7 - marketing tools, eBooks, ad space, Adsense, even books and hair grease from! What makes me an expert at what I do is that unlike many, I am actually making the sale. I don't have a brick and mortar location, I don't spend my entire budget on ad space, I am not a twitterholic, but I do get money in my paypal account every single day!

I understand that my story isn't necessarily your story. I work with entrepreneurs who purchase my eBooks and ad packages and get great results. And I work with others who pay for advertising from me or others and never make a sale. I really feel for the latter group, because I know how frustrating it is to put yourself out there and not get the results you want. But here is the thing that many just don't understand, "Advertising is a big thing, but it is not the only thing."

In my almost 10 years of working online, I have learned so much and there are a few important points I want to share with you. First and foremost, understand that you cannot focus on one marketing solution to grow your business. Social Networking can help you grow your business if you know how to use in the right way. If you have no clue how to make money online, don’t be afraid to learn from someone who does. Now I don’t believe you should follow every self-proclaimed guru out there, but I do believe in learning from experts with proven track records and real online businesses.

I have already proven to my clients and readers that I know how to make the sale. When they are looking for advice and trying to find answers, they come to me with their questions. It is because of their questions that I sat down and created my latest eBook, ‘Selling Your Products and Services Online.’ I wanted to create my own blueprint to share with my coaching students and frustrated entrepreneurs alike. I talk about all the mistakes web entrepreneurs make, how to fix them and how to avoid them. I talk about effective ways to set up your website and how to use social media to find new customers. I talk about what it takes to create your own market, find your niche, and connect with clients. I share all the untold facts about what it takes to make the sale and I even share my secrets to making money with affiliate programs.

If you are struggling with sales and itching to ask me questions, I suggest downloading a copy of this eBook. I want to give you access to all that I know , which is why I have also included two bonus eBooks in your download, ‘Internet Marketing – The Big 5’ and ‘The Web Entrepreneur’s Back Pack’. On top of that Bonus, I am giving you a Web Entrepreneur Exclusive $10 Discount Code: WEB10.

One more Bonus! If you purchase this eBook this month, I will personally send you an invitation for 2 Free Months Membership in the Business Women of Color Silver Program. There you will get access to even more e-Book Downloads, templates, audio, video, how-to articles from me and Small Business Expert / Multi-Million Dollar Mompreneur, Richelle Shaw. This pack actually costs $80, and you will get it for free when your purchase my new book.

I hope to see you on Business Women of Color (

LaShanda Henry
Premium e-Books and Coaching for Web Entrepreneurs

Monday, July 07, 2008


BBWO Black Business Newsletter

A premier newsletter featuring Black Business and Black Entrepreneurs Online
Take a look at the new Newsletter for the Black Business Women Online Network. View Now:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Black Business Contests and Giveaways

The premier network for Women Entrepreneurs of Color is full of Black Business Buzz today. Here are the latest featured topics on Black Business Women Online:

New Contests and Giveaways on BBWO
Want to Know more?

Get featured on BBWO, participate in cycle #2 of the BBWO Blogality Show.

Custom Banner Designs
Need a new banner to boost your ad campaign. Custom Banner Designs by LHenry - June Sale - $18 Starting

Create Your Own Ningalicous Network
Want to make a ning network, or make your network better?

Not Making any Money with Google Adense? Boost your Adsense revenue...

Ever wanted to learn more about Search Engine Optimization. Find out more...

Everyone talks about Networking, but do you really know how to network?

Join the BlackGirlClick Ad Network

BBWO Bloggers are sharing stories and business services right now. Read the latest BBWO Blogs:

Happy reading,

p.s. Remember to check out my new series of PodClasses for Online Entrepreneurs on

Monday, June 23, 2008


BlackGirlClick - Urban Marketing at Its Best!

If you are looking for a new way to promote your site and connect to the urban market at a a price you can afford then you need to visit ...

The Black Girl Click AdNetwork is a premier urban advertising network for businesses interested in marketing to African American Women Online (and the urban online community at large). Black Girl Click ads are featured on some of the best black websites online. Best of all, Advertisers can get listed on the Black Girl Click AdNetwork for as little as $18 for 3 Months. This offer also includes a complimentary custom 120x90 pixel banner.

Where are BlackGirlClick Ads Featured?
Want to know where Black Girl Click Ads are featured? You can find BlackGirlClick ads on popular sites link:
1. Black Business Women Online
2. Multiple Shades of You Online
3. The Black Moms Club
4. Work and Web Women
5. And More (View all BGC Ad Publishers)

What do BlackGirlClick Ads Look Like?
Here are some of the latest BGC Advertisers. Browse the list, support these black businesses, and learn how to add your own site to the directory - Black Girl Click AdNetwork.

What else do I get for Advertising on BGC?
In addition to getting cross promoted on several popular black networks, you recieve:
1. A Custom Banner 120x90 pixel (which is added to the BGC Directory)
2. A Statistics Program to track your Ads Performance
3. Inclusion in the BGC Directory, a directory which is featured on popular social networks like Black Business Women Online and the Black Moms Club

What are the Stats for the BlackGirlClick Ad Network?
The Black Girl Click Ad Program is apart of the msoy network, click here to review msoy's stats.

How do I signup?
Visit Black Girl Click AdNetwork, check out the AdNetwork page, and fill out the Business Advertiser Submission form. Once your payment is processed, your ad will be listed in 2-3 business days.

Want more details? Visit Black Girl Click AdNetwork.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Work and Web Women

Are you working the web? Do you want to learn how? Work and Web Women is my new podcast Blog, but I like to think of it as a podClass series because I created it to teach other online entrepreneurs (men and women) how to improve their websites, find multiple streams of income online, work from home and do other things of that nature.

Being more of a typer than a talker, I initially intended to use this site primarily as an information library for women entrepreneurs, with eBooks and informational posts like those on the SistaSense blog. But after speaking with other women offline, and learning more about the wonderful world of podcasts, blog radio shows, and such... I decided it was time to get with the times and the latest technology by adding audio broadcasts to the growing listing of features on BBWO.

Every week I will talk about hot topics of interest to myself and my fellow online entrepreneurs.In addition to the featured series of PodClasses, Work and Web Women will include interviews and discussions with other women in business, updates and new features created for the Black Business Women Network, online resources for net entrepreneurs, original business eBooks by LHenry, howto posts and more.

Visit today, and let me know what you think.

Work and Web Women
Created to help you learn how to better work the web.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Build Your Own Ning Network

My latest howto guide is Create Your Own Ningalicious Network.

Ning is an online service designed to help you create, customize, and share a social network. Though it is both easy and free for anyone to create their own ning network, I’ve noticed that many people have questions about using ning, adding features, and effectively building their own social networking communities. Having built two ning networks, with over a thousand members on each, I decided to create this guide as a way to share what I have learned and answer some of the most common questions about creating a network on ning.

The topics covered in this eBook include:

• What is
• Why Create a Ning Network?
• Setting up Your Ning Network
• Adding Cool Features to Your Ning Network
• The Benefits of Creating a Private Network
• Creating a Ning Network that People Love
• How to Promote Your Ning Network
• Creating a Ning Network with Active Members
• Making Money from Your Ning Network
• Monitoring Your Networks Growth
• My Top 5 Favorite Ning How-to Articles
• Need Help With Your Ning Network?
• What's your Ning Network?

Download Your Copy today

Friday, May 30, 2008


The Black Business QnA

About two years ago, I started a series of posts on Black Online Entrepreneurs entitled the Black Business Questionnaire with the goal starting a discussion among entrepreneurs interested in answering some of our most popular questions. I've decided to revisit my old project by adding The Black Business QnA to SistaSense.

The first set of questions I've created are intended to provide fellow entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their sites and review the sites of others. The first QnA posts are:

1. African American Online Communities and Social Networks - What’s your site?
2. Black Bloggers - What’s your blog?
3. Black Entrepreneurs on Myspace - What’s your myspace page?
4. Black Business Services - What’s your B2B Service?
5. Black Clothing Lines - What’s your site?
6. Black Event Planners - What’s your business?
7. Black Haircare Websites - What’s your site?
8. Black Authors - What’s the name of your book?
9. Natural Beauty Product Lines - What’s your site?

If your area of interest has not been highlighted yet, please feel free to suggest a new question for The Black Business QnA. I would also like to know what buzzing questions you would like us to focus on here.

Feel free to review the old Black Business Questionnaire, and highlight any topics worth revisiting on SistaSense.

- lhenry
- Sista Sense
- My spin on making money, internet marketing, black business, blogs, and urban culture.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Search Urban :: Black Web Directory

The Search Urban Directory, is a premier Black Online Directory featured on Multiple Shades of You Online ( Search Urban features some of the best African American webpages online.

Browse popular SU Searches:
- Black Hair
- Black Women
- Black Family
- Black Blogs
- Black Business
- Black Books
- Black Celebrity Gossip
- Black Children
- Black Arts
- Black Entrepreneurs
- Black Men
- Black Teens
- View All

Click here to learn how to add your site to the Search Urban Directory.

Search Urban
Multiple Shades of You Online
Promoting Positive Websites for People of Color

This post featured on: Black Business Women Online []

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Black Women Support Each Other


This is Lashanda Henry, founder of multiple shades of you online - the eCommunity for positive people of color ( I wanted to take a moment to invite you to learn about and share the following eCommunity Groups (within the msoy network) designed with Women of Color in mind. If you are already aware of these services, feel free to share them with your friends and associates.

Black Business Women Online
Almost 2000 members and growing, BBWO is the place for African American Women Entrepreneurs and Black Business Women interested in marketing, sharing, and growing their business. Advice, Sell, Support - that is what BBWO is all about. Members can create pages, chat, add photos, events, and more. Best of all, the group is free to join and easy to use.

The Black Moms Club
Creating a space for moms of Color in need of fellowship and support, the Black Moms Club is a Social Community all about the African American family. BMC is a place for Black Moms, Women, Single Parents, and Mothers of Color to talk about children, teens, fathers, love, work, education and everything in between. With almost 1000 members to date, the Black Moms Club gets bigger and better every day.

The Black Girl Click Ad Network
The Black Girl Click Advertising Network was created to offer Black Entrepreneurs and Women In Business the opportunity to promote their businesses and web projects on websites designs specifically for Women of Color.

What Black Women Think
What Black Women Think is both an Online Video Showcase and growing eCommunity for Black Women to highlight our documentaries and video clips. As well as explore the issues that Black Women face in an effort to redefine the Black Woman on our terms.

Black Writers Connect
A group for African American writers, authors, self publishers, publishers, and book club leaders. A place for both writers and book lovers of color to connect, share experiences, work, advice and more.

Sistas Making Money On Myspace
A Growing Myspace Friends Circle Created to Highlight Online resources and communities for women entrepreneurs. Moreover, this friends circle is a great point of reference for sisters with promotional myspace pages, interested in finding new people with similar interests to add to their own myspace friends lists.

Hopefully, one or all of these groups are of interest to you.
Enjoy. Exchange. Excel.

Each One Reach One

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Support Black Businesses Online

The latest websites added to the Black Girl Click AdNetwork. Browse the list, support these black businesses, and learn how to add your own site to the directory - Black Girl Click AdNetwork.

Blended Child Body
Organic and All-Natural Body

Urban Voices
Urban Radio Production, Urban Radio Commercials , voice overs

Creations Of color
Unique Afrocentric Gifts For All Occasions

Exquisite Skin Care Collections for women of color

Cocoa Prints
Stationery and Gifts

The latest websites added to the Black Girl Click AdNetwork. Browse the list, support these black businesses, and learn how to add your own site to the directory - Black Girl Click AdNetwork.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Banner Advertising Tips and Tricks

Banner Advertising is one of the most common and effective marketing strategies on the net. It is for that reason that I decided to create a space for members of Black Business Women Online to participate in Banner Exchanges. I also wanted to take a moment to discuss various ways to promote your website and showcase your banner.

The BBWO Banners Page is new and improved. Members can now showcase their own Banners on the Banner Banner in an effort to solicit potential Banner Exchanges and also to generate more traffic to their sites. Click here to view the new Banners Page.

In addition to adding your Banner to Our New Page, here are a few tips and tricks to advertising your banner / website:

0. Add Your Banner to the Black Business Women Banners Page

1. Submit Your Banner to the Black Banner Rotator

2. Submit Your Banner to Top Sista Sites

3. Submit Your Banner to Black Banner Exchange on Myspace

4. Submit Your Banner to Onyx Underground Banner Rotator

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SEO Tips: Submitting Your Site to Niche Directories
Learn about some of the Best Directories to Submit Your Site from big sites like, to Niche Directories for Women or Black Website Owners

Related Advertising Opportunities
The following Ad Programs are designed for Small Black Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Each program is featured on the Black Business Women Online Network so essentially, advertising through them is equivalent to advertising on BBWO.

1. Submit Your Website to the Search Urban Directory
2. Submit Your Shop to Urban Chique Boutiques
3. Post Your Ad on the Black Girl Click Ad Network
4. Advertise on the msoy network

Promoting Your Site / Banner With Google AdWords
One of the best ways to reach your target audience on hundreds of sites at a price that you decide is to advertise your banner through Google AdWords. Using google's sophisticated technology, your ads will be displayed directly to your target audience. This is a great resource for those interested in generating more traffic to th their website, and best of all you choose how much you want to spend on your ad campaign. For example, if you can only invest $20 a month to your Ad Campaign, google will display your banner until you have reached your pay-per-click limit for the month. Increase your web traffic. Join Google AdWords Today.

Related Resource:
Custom Banner Design by LHenry
In Need of a Banner? Custom designs now starting as low as $15.

Related Web Marketing e-Books
Turn Your Niche Into a Network
Learn How to Build, Promote, and Generate Cash from Your Website

Build Your Black Business Online
Web Resources and Tips for Black Entrepreneurs Online

Seeking Support: A Guide for Single Moms
Learn about job training resources, get financial tips and tricks, and more.

This Listing Was Created By
Black Business Women Online - Blog

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Black Women Entrepreneurs Wanted

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, teenpreneur or business woman? If yes, then now is a great time to join the Black Business Women Network! Its free to join and there are over 1500 Members on the group. Will you be member 2000?

Join Today

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Millionaires’ Success Secrets From Black Women In Business

Have you read the latest Essence? In it you will find a great article, truly inspirational/informational for us ladies in business: 'Millionaires’ Success Secrets' - See how four women got rich by following their passions, and learn how you can do it, too By Tanisha A. Sykes

One of the fabulous ladies featured is Tina Wells, 28 years old with a Net Worth of $12 Million! A millionaire at age 25, Tina's business is Buzz Marketing Group, a trend-spotting organization that gathers research on the teen–tween market. Go to and read more about Tina and 3 other sistas turned into successful Millionaires. [Continue Reading]

Tina shares her Best Advice: “The key to entrepreneurial success is to find your passion. When things get tough—and they do—that seems to push me through.”

This Essence article also features Fran Harris, Elon Bomani, and Conni Evans. Want to know about their businesses? Read the article 'Millionaires’ Success Secrets'.

Related Essence Posts on Work, Money and Entrepreneurship:
- The Entrepreneurs Startup Guide
- Earn What You Deserve: 6 Secrets to Change Your Money Ways
- Are you black, fabulous, and broke? Get out of debt.
- Building Wealth: Financial Tips on Minding Your Money
- Side Hustles: Make Extra Cash Fast

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- Turn Your Niche Into a Network
- Help for Women Starting a Home Business
- Black Girl Click Ad Network
- Subscribe to Essence or to Black Business Magazines
- Share Your Story. Successful Sista Profiles


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Build a Better Business - Contract Specialist Group

Contract Specialist Group is the industry leader in providing solutions to build better businesses. CSG assists entrepreneurs and businesses offering a full range of expert Business Consulting Services which include:

∙ Structuring Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, & Non-Profit Organizations
∙ Negotiating, Drafting, & Interpreting Contracts (Goods & Services)
∙ Filing & Licensing Federal Trademarks, Copyrights, & Patents


Contract Specialist Group business solutions as featured on Black Business Women Online, a growing network for Business Women of Color. Over 1000 members and growing. []

Monday, March 31, 2008


Be Inspired - Successful Sista Profiles

If you want to turn your dreams into a reality, but are in need of a little inspiration then visit Successful Sista Profiles on Black Business Women Online. The SSProfiles is a growing list of real women, like you and me, who are making their dreams come true. They share how they started their own businesses, and how the survive / develop as Black Women and as Entrepreneurs.

- Successful Sista Profiles

-lhenry -

Friday, March 28, 2008


Turn Your Niche Into a Network

As I continue to develop the msoy network through expanding the Search Urban Directory and building Social Communities like Black Business Women Online, I get more and more emails from individuals interested in starting their own networks eager to find out how I created my own. With these individuals in mind I decided to dedicate my most recent e-book to explaining how individuals can create their own directories, blogs, or social networking communities without having any technical experience or the money to finance a large web project. I wanted to create a guide that was useful to many entrepreneurs out there like myself, wanting to build something positive and productive on the web, but having no clue as to where to begin.
My latest e-book, entitled 'Turn Your Niche into a Network' is an easy how to guide that any one can read and learn from. Whether you are looking to create a site for profit or pleasure, my how to guide explains how you can do so by utilizing various free online services and seeking out creative marketing opportunities. Granted, there is no real secret behind building your own directory or starting a network on popular sites like But there is a secret to how to best utilize these online services. There is a great deal that many are interested in learning about promoting a blog the right way, setting up an online directory, or even adding unique features to your own ning network.

In this e-book, I basically walk the reader through how I created my own website networks and the various free online services that I utilize every day. From generating thousands of unique visitors to my main site every month to starting a ning social group with over 1,000 members or creating blogs that are featured in the first pages of google (like my Black Parenting Blog), this guide is simply a journal of personal experiences translated into useful tips and tools which you can use to develop your own network.

Some interesting topics in the guide include how to successfully use affiliate programs on your websites, how to create a directory without being a web programmer, and how to customize your ning social network in new and creative ways like adding your own book store or web directory, and discovering new ways to generate additional income through your networks.

In a nutshell my new e-book, 'Turn Your Niche into a Network' is the perfect tool for individuals looking to become 'Information Entrepreneurs' and share their knowledge, products, or services with the online community at large by creating networks on which users can both learn from and interact with others. Its a lot of great information crammed into one little e-book worth taking advantage of. No need to search for articles and tips online, download a copy of 'Turn Your Niche into a Network' and get started doing just that!

Download here:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Black Banner Design and Web Promotion

Banner Advertising is one of the most common and effective marketing strategies on the net. Submit a banner:

The Black Banner Rotator
The Black Banner Rotator

Black Banner Design and Low Cost Advertising

Quality Business Services featured on: Black Business Women Online

Monday, March 10, 2008


Home Based Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms

From eBook - Seeking Support: A Guide for Single Black Mothers: Home-Based Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms and those interested in Working at Home

Today the idea of working at home isn’t just a mother’s dream; it’s a viable option. In fact, as more women leave the workforce to work at home with their children, more companies are creating new policies to keep their female employees happy. Some companies are providing on-site childcare services, extended maternity leave, paternity leave, and even work-from-home options for those in need. And yet even with all these new changes in the works, there are still many moms who just want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that working from home can often bring. If you are one of those women, here are a few ‘Work at Home Business Ideas’ for you to look into. Though I’m not providing you with detailed information about these programs, you can use this list as a starting point to learn more about working from home.

Companies Best Known for their Work at Home Services

Work from Home Business Ideas

This guide for Home Based Business ideas is actually an excerpt of my book:
Seeking Suport- A Guide for Single Black Mothers: Mahogany Momma Web Guides
Official Site:

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- Momprenuers | Momtrepreneurs | Work at Home Moms

Monday, February 18, 2008


Making Black History - Watch Video Clips

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Do you have One Too Many Business Ventures?

I just read this great post on the Black Business Women Online group: 'Are you spreading yourself too thin' by Cleo Anderson. Cleo wanted to know if having multiple businesses or websites was a good idea or if it was better to focus on growing one business and making it the best. As someone who is often asked why I have so many websites, I just had to respond to this post.

My response:

I truly believe that it depends on the person. Although many business people big and small have more than one business. You can look at a person like Beyonce Knowles (a singer, actress, owner of a clothing line). You can look at a company like google, more than just a search engine, every year they expand and purchase over companies and adding services like blogger, video, and checkout to their business, which makes them bigger and have more market value. Even now has video downloading services to compete with sites like itunes and youtube.

On a smaller scale, in conversations with several entrepreneurs, I've had many of them tell me that - though it is hard work - they think it's important to invest in different business, so that you have multiple sources of income. I know one woman who owns a group home for the elderly, has a real estate company, and a music store.

I will say that there is a great deal to gain from putting all your focus and energy into one particular site and/or business. You can give it all your attention, and devote extra time to devising new strategies to either connect to new customers or develop better services for existing clients. But keep in mind that at some point, many businesses aspire to grow and expand. Whether their goal is to increase capital or compete with competition, sometimes change is a good thing.

I will say from personal experience as a Black Woman Entrepreneur, both myself and many other black women around me tend to gravitate towards multiple businesses not just to diversify/increase income, but in an effort to really actualize our personal calling and make a difference in the world. Seven years ago when I started my first site, I wasn't interested in making a business. I wanted to create a website for young girls of color, because I was inspired by animated African American Cartoon, Hey Monie!, and thought to showcase a zine promoting positive Black Content for girls. As the years past msoy expanded into a Black Search Engine, and as my web skills improved I started Urban Dynamics Black Business Web Tools. Then I had my son and expanded to Black Moms Club. Before I knew it I was regularly selling ad space for those interested in marketing on msoy and creating my own publications until I had my present, modest network, still in the making.

For me, expansion was a natural learning progression. And though it may seem like a bit much, I've been able to maintain all these sites because ultimately they all fall under the umbrella of the msoy network, and each is really just a building block of the others. Rather than simultaneously starting 6 projects, I think its important to develop a strong foundation on which to build and grow. Though I must confess, one of the biggest drawbacks that I face, as do many black women entrepreneurs, is trying to do it on our own. Which admittedly comes from not seeking out outside funding as much as our white female couterparts. And this does inturn mean that many times I, like many of my sistas, stretch ourselves WAY too thing. But I have taken that to be just another piece of my puzzle.

Though I can't speak for other netpreneurs of color, my goal is to develop a strong, diverse network of quality Black Sites on which to promote Black Businesses and tap into an under served market of African American Online Viewers interested in products, Ads, and content in general with images relevant to us. Its great to have the BETs, Black Voices, and such, but I don't plan to limit myself to accepting the current market as it excludes me and mine to a large degree, which is why I intend on expanding and perfecting what I do.

So long story short, there are some who should definitely focus on one business and perfect it. There are others that should diversify, and expand it! Either way, make it your own, make it positive, and contribute something worth while to the Black Community at large.

Each One Teach One

Black Business Women Online - The Network

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


New Sucessful Sista Profiles

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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Internet Marking : An Easy Way to Build Your Network

One of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is to regularly take the time to assess your business practices. Sit down, think about your regular routine and make note of what is working and what is not.

For a long time, when my internet sales got low I found myself desperately looking for ways to generate more traffic? I put all my time and energy into trying new marketing strategies, until I realized that the key is not just generating new traffic, you have to take the time to work with the traffic / customers / readers / etc. that you already have.

I quickly realized that putting 100% of my time into internet marketing meant I was spending 0% of my time regularly connecting with my current network. To correct this error I started to:

  • Respond faster to emails : Getting back to inquiries and or customer emails quickly, is good business practice.
  • Send out more promotional messages and or informative articles to regular readers and customers. I realized that by focusing on new traffic, I was regularly losing old traffic from readers due to lack of attention or follow up. This means that gaining new readers and losing old ones meant no real growth as far as reaching my goal to expand me Business groups, Customer Base, and social circles.
  • I took a close look at my different websites and realized there were not enough cross promotional links. I spent so much time promoting on other sites, I didn't realize I wasn't taking full advantage of cross promoting my work on my own sites!
  • I began to really follow up with site owners interested in cross promotion, collaboration, prize giveaways, interviews, etc. Every potential promotional opportunity you let pass is one lost opportunity to strengthen a network and expand your business presence.
In short, once I stopped looking outward, and started to build from the foundation I already created my social networks and websites really started to grow! Remember sometimes its not quantity, but quality that counts. Go through your old emails, review some of your regular webspots, and think about how you can really tap into your resources and make the most of what you already have.

More internet marketing tips to come, but until then you can make the most of Black Business Women Online by networking with other Black Women and Entrepreneurs. Join today!

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