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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Selling Your Products and Services Online

I am a full time web entrepreneur / work at home mom, so I know the value of a dollar. When I don't work, my bills don't get paid, which is why I am working all the time! I am selling 24/7 - marketing tools, eBooks, ad space, Adsense, even books and hair grease from! What makes me an expert at what I do is that unlike many, I am actually making the sale. I don't have a brick and mortar location, I don't spend my entire budget on ad space, I am not a twitterholic, but I do get money in my paypal account every single day!

I understand that my story isn't necessarily your story. I work with entrepreneurs who purchase my eBooks and ad packages and get great results. And I work with others who pay for advertising from me or others and never make a sale. I really feel for the latter group, because I know how frustrating it is to put yourself out there and not get the results you want. But here is the thing that many just don't understand, "Advertising is a big thing, but it is not the only thing."

In my almost 10 years of working online, I have learned so much and there are a few important points I want to share with you. First and foremost, understand that you cannot focus on one marketing solution to grow your business. Social Networking can help you grow your business if you know how to use in the right way. If you have no clue how to make money online, don’t be afraid to learn from someone who does. Now I don’t believe you should follow every self-proclaimed guru out there, but I do believe in learning from experts with proven track records and real online businesses.

I have already proven to my clients and readers that I know how to make the sale. When they are looking for advice and trying to find answers, they come to me with their questions. It is because of their questions that I sat down and created my latest eBook, ‘Selling Your Products and Services Online.’ I wanted to create my own blueprint to share with my coaching students and frustrated entrepreneurs alike. I talk about all the mistakes web entrepreneurs make, how to fix them and how to avoid them. I talk about effective ways to set up your website and how to use social media to find new customers. I talk about what it takes to create your own market, find your niche, and connect with clients. I share all the untold facts about what it takes to make the sale and I even share my secrets to making money with affiliate programs.

If you are struggling with sales and itching to ask me questions, I suggest downloading a copy of this eBook. I want to give you access to all that I know , which is why I have also included two bonus eBooks in your download, ‘Internet Marketing – The Big 5’ and ‘The Web Entrepreneur’s Back Pack’. On top of that Bonus, I am giving you a Web Entrepreneur Exclusive $10 Discount Code: WEB10.

One more Bonus! If you purchase this eBook this month, I will personally send you an invitation for 2 Free Months Membership in the Business Women of Color Silver Program. There you will get access to even more e-Book Downloads, templates, audio, video, how-to articles from me and Small Business Expert / Multi-Million Dollar Mompreneur, Richelle Shaw. This pack actually costs $80, and you will get it for free when your purchase my new book.

I hope to see you on Business Women of Color (

LaShanda Henry
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