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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Internet Marking : An Easy Way to Build Your Network

One of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is to regularly take the time to assess your business practices. Sit down, think about your regular routine and make note of what is working and what is not.

For a long time, when my internet sales got low I found myself desperately looking for ways to generate more traffic? I put all my time and energy into trying new marketing strategies, until I realized that the key is not just generating new traffic, you have to take the time to work with the traffic / customers / readers / etc. that you already have.

I quickly realized that putting 100% of my time into internet marketing meant I was spending 0% of my time regularly connecting with my current network. To correct this error I started to:

  • Respond faster to emails : Getting back to inquiries and or customer emails quickly, is good business practice.
  • Send out more promotional messages and or informative articles to regular readers and customers. I realized that by focusing on new traffic, I was regularly losing old traffic from readers due to lack of attention or follow up. This means that gaining new readers and losing old ones meant no real growth as far as reaching my goal to expand me Business groups, Customer Base, and social circles.
  • I took a close look at my different websites and realized there were not enough cross promotional links. I spent so much time promoting on other sites, I didn't realize I wasn't taking full advantage of cross promoting my work on my own sites!
  • I began to really follow up with site owners interested in cross promotion, collaboration, prize giveaways, interviews, etc. Every potential promotional opportunity you let pass is one lost opportunity to strengthen a network and expand your business presence.
In short, once I stopped looking outward, and started to build from the foundation I already created my social networks and websites really started to grow! Remember sometimes its not quantity, but quality that counts. Go through your old emails, review some of your regular webspots, and think about how you can really tap into your resources and make the most of what you already have.

More internet marketing tips to come, but until then you can make the most of Black Business Women Online by networking with other Black Women and Entrepreneurs. Join today!

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