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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Discover Your Inner Diva - Just Dazzlind Productions

Dawn Martin,(Dayton, Ohio), CEO and founder of Just Dazzlind Productions. The goal for her business is to uplift, enhance, motivate, and celebrate the Full Figured Woman. We have been in business now for 2 years and growing; and being a Model herself for the past 21 years, Dawn has firsthand experience on both sides of the industry (Modeling & Educating). First being a Standard Size model and teaching for Barbizonin San Francisco, now a Plus Size model and educator in Dayton. Dawn has spoken to many women that have expressed their desires to not only join this industry, but most just want to know the basics in etiquette to help them better themselves for whatever goals they are trying to achieve, thus The Diva In Me Conference was born. First starting with social activates and now blossoming into a complete Educational and Success tool for our market of women and teenaged young ladies. The Diva In Me Conference is the first ever of its kind, as it features the needs of Plus Size Women and Teens only. There are many Conferences out there but none that only focus on these topics and in this arena. Dawn is pleased to say that the public has fully embraced her vision and has opened its doors for more information.

Diva In Me is becoming a Conference by demand, which means we will be touring the country introducing our vision and goals to the women of the United States. Every woman USA has needs and being Plus Size comes with the basics as well as many others such as; Health, Finance, Beauty, Self-Esteem and a host of others. The team wants to be the vessel that helps and address these needs.

In order to maintain their goals, partnering with other businesses and organizations such as The Witness Project, and Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness, is a must for their success. Many have requested the need for basic etiquette in our young ladies and they not only want to meet this challenge but also become a Big Sister to their cause, by doing so they not only change the view points of these ladies but also celebrate their successes. Dawn also wants to be a Support mechanism for the everyday working women and be her foundation for her success.

Dawn Martin hopes that all will join her in the development, enhancement, motivation and education of the Plus Size Woman and Teen Young Lady.

Dawn Martin
CEO/ Just Dazzlind Productions


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