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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Millionaires’ Success Secrets From Black Women In Business

Have you read the latest Essence? In it you will find a great article, truly inspirational/informational for us ladies in business: 'Millionaires’ Success Secrets' - See how four women got rich by following their passions, and learn how you can do it, too By Tanisha A. Sykes

One of the fabulous ladies featured is Tina Wells, 28 years old with a Net Worth of $12 Million! A millionaire at age 25, Tina's business is Buzz Marketing Group, a trend-spotting organization that gathers research on the teen–tween market. Go to and read more about Tina and 3 other sistas turned into successful Millionaires. [Continue Reading]

Tina shares her Best Advice: “The key to entrepreneurial success is to find your passion. When things get tough—and they do—that seems to push me through.”

This Essence article also features Fran Harris, Elon Bomani, and Conni Evans. Want to know about their businesses? Read the article 'Millionaires’ Success Secrets'.

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