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Monday, June 09, 2008

Build Your Own Ning Network

My latest howto guide is Create Your Own Ningalicious Network.

Ning is an online service designed to help you create, customize, and share a social network. Though it is both easy and free for anyone to create their own ning network, I’ve noticed that many people have questions about using ning, adding features, and effectively building their own social networking communities. Having built two ning networks, with over a thousand members on each, I decided to create this guide as a way to share what I have learned and answer some of the most common questions about creating a network on ning.

The topics covered in this eBook include:

• What is
• Why Create a Ning Network?
• Setting up Your Ning Network
• Adding Cool Features to Your Ning Network
• The Benefits of Creating a Private Network
• Creating a Ning Network that People Love
• How to Promote Your Ning Network
• Creating a Ning Network with Active Members
• Making Money from Your Ning Network
• Monitoring Your Networks Growth
• My Top 5 Favorite Ning How-to Articles
• Need Help With Your Ning Network?
• What's your Ning Network?

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