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Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Black Career Guide Inspires Youth

By Blacknews.COM

West Chester, OH ( - With the US Department of Labor forecasting future labor shortages in high-wage jobs in the millions, author Charles B. Schooler wants black youth to understand that pursuing education/highly specialized skills can lead them to prosperity.
"For our own economic survival, Blacks must now make the same great migration to the classroom that we once made from Southern crops to Northern factories. Today, too many Blacks place all their energies into pursuing long-shot dreams of being entertainment superstars, and when those dreams dont materialize they have nothing to fall back on," explains the author.

Importantly, the author believes black youth must first be sold on the value of education. According to Schooler, "simply pointing fingers and shouting 'get an education' won't work."
More Than Entertainers exposes black youth to a variety of career opportunities by featuring 35 black male and female professionals from across the country, who share their personal insight and offer words of encouragement. (The vast majority of the participants are black males under the age of 35 years old). Educational requirements, potential employers, and expected pay are detailed for each career path. Entrepreneurial avenues are also highlighted, and professional career organizations' web sites are listed to foster mentoring. Simply, More Than Entertainers intends to open the possibilities for black youth.

"As Americans, black youth can be whatever they what to be, but they first need to see people like themselves in diverse roles," says the author.

The book also makes an appeal to Black adults to stack the odds of success in Black youths favor through the 'Clear the Path to Success Manifesto.' Contained in the manifesto is an analysis of the preventable and removable roadblocks, which prevent too many Black youth from becoming successful. Solutions are also discussed in great detail. "Black parents must do a better job making it as hard as possible for their children to fail," proclaims the author.
More Than Entertainers is also positioned to be a fundraising product for local churches and professional/community-based organizations.

The website,, serves as the primary distribution point for the book and provides useful information for Black adults wanting to ensure their children become successful.

The author would to speak to youth and community groups across the country about his vision of Blacks collectively succeeding through education/skill attainment. For more information on the book and the author, please visit

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