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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Contact: Ayana Butler, Product Manager/877.545.7352,

New York, NY - May 26, 2005. It’s finally here! Simone Kelly, owner and founder of GOTS TO HAVE IT, Marketing and the infamous GIVE ‘N TAKE Network has just released her highly anticipated business guide for the up-and-coming professional. In her new book, "Jack of All Trades Master of None?" Kelly poses challenging questions like: "How many times have you started some fabulous project and then a better idea comes along? How many of you have a friend who is an accountant, hairdresser, web designer, and a massage therapist all wrapped into one?"

Kelly does not criticize the Jack; she was once a fellow Jack herself. However, it was not until she focused on her strengths and unique skill sets that she finally uncovered her true passion—“helping people with their businesses.” Says Kelly, “I love getting others to focus. I get a kick out of encouraging people to take a step back, set realistic goals, and come up with a plan to reach those goals."

Now Kelly is here to help you find your true calling. "Jack of All Trades Master of None?" is designed to help Jacks all over the world fine tune their skills to master one trade. This is not a self-help book; it’s a book of definitive answers. This unique book will challenge and show readers how to channel their many talents and develop a strategy to help them reach their goals.

Kelly does not dictate what is right or wrong. Instead, she incorporates practical exercises to encourage working professionals and entrepreneurs to figure out what is best for them. Kelly also includes basic business tips (marketing, budgeting, customer service, etc.), as well as advice from several respected advisors who helped her along the way.

While Kelly's past successes and track record speak for itself, the support the writer has received is a true testimony to her future accomplishments. Authoring a syndicated monthly newsletter in media outlets around the country, the business dynamo has already secured media partnerships with Harlem World Magazine, Black Star News, and Crème Magazine, to name a few. Furthermore, her "Jack of All Trades Master of None?" project is backed by financial powerhouses North Fork Bank, AXA Advisors, and Wachovia Bank.

Simone Kelly’s new book is a refreshing, self-reflective journey that guides the professional toward his/her calling to attain true happiness and long-lasting success.

Kelly’s book release party, which is free and open to the public, will provide an opportunity for guests to enjoy an exclusive preview of her new book.

For more information on "Jack of All Trades Master of None?” Simone Kelly, or the book party release, please visit the following page:


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