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Friday, September 09, 2005

Online Marketing for Black Business

If you are interested in increasing your customer base online, review the following links. Here you will find a number of Black Directories and Webrings that cater to African American Businesses and Black Entrepreneurs.

Bust Magazines girl wide web, she-commerce directory (great source of female business owners)
My Black Info Site Submission
EbonyBiz webring
Urban Mecca Site Submission
AdGroups Urban Advertising Network
D-Mars Network Promotions
Hiyaah Power Online Resources for Women Site Submission
Gots To Have It Marketing
Izania Black Business Directory
E-Commerce Diva
Bahiyah Women Magazine PR and Advertising Promotion
HR Energy offers Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Professionals
The Griot National Black Business and Organization Directory

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LaShanda Henry is self-published author on, and founder of Multiple Shades of You Online, an eCommunity for people of color (

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