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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Resources for Black Business Women

Calling all Sistapreneurs! Calling all African American Business Women! Call all my Black sistas making Money for themselves! Here are a few links that support black women in business. Take advantage of these resources and add a link to this page on your site! Share the sisterly wealth.

-Black Career Women
-Get Ready for Give 'N Take… a barter-exchange network for women entrepreneurs and executives. This unique organization brings women together to create opportunities, by providing a support system for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Its goal is to educate, collaborate and stimulate advancement in business.
-Digital Sistas is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization created to promote and provide technology education and enrichment for young girls and women of color.

Resource Hightlights
-Multiple Shades of You Online: Listing of Resources for Black Career Women
-Black Business Books
-African American Women In Technology

Online Advice
-Nia Online Career Columns
-Bahiyah Woman Magazine Entrepreneurs Guide for Women
-Women in Business Today Online Resource
-Sistah Connect: sistapreneurs
-Sista-Web: one African American sistah’s web development / html blog

Web Directories
-Black Career Women Links
-Multiple Shades of You Online: Listing of Resources for Black Career Women

-Black Business and Finance Forum for Women

Sistas to Know and Respect
-Jamila White, the E-Commerce Diva
-Niambi Jarvis, CEO of Hiyaah Power
-Simone Kelly, President and CEO of Gots to Have It, Marketing
-LaShanda Henry, found of Multiple Shades of You Online

-Find these and other great African American Websites on Multiple Shades of You Online.


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