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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thanks for the Support

Today I was feeling a bit more generous than usual. This random guy comes on the train promoting his hip-hop CD, I usually don't pay much attention to train soliciters but I figured 30 seconds wouldn't kill me. And it didn't. Just the opposite, he sales pitch caught my attention. "This CD has no sex, guns, or violence, we do not discrespect women." - plus 1 - "Get 6 tracks for only $1" - plus 2 - "Be sure to check out our website" - plus 3 - By the third plus, I was ready to buy before he was even finished speaking. I think my quickness in getting a product, that I didn't even really no, caught everyone elses attention. This random old white lady followed my lead, and before I turned around he had like 4 other buyers! He collected the cash, promoted track 6, and then turned to me and said, "Thanks for the support." After that, it was my stop. On my way out it occurred to me the amazing things that took place in a matter of minutes:

1. I supported a Black Entrepreneur
2. My interest in his product helped to spark the interest of others
3. Selling a sample of your product at a discounted rate is a great way to earn money and publicity
4. Catching people's attention is crucial! Had he not reached me with his conscious hip-hop speech, I would not have unknowingly set into motion the events that followed
5. He has a website! I am always impressed with a business person who is up on todays technology.

Finally, I have not listened to his tracks OR visited his website, so the quality is still a mystery to me. But I did listen to him, support him, recieve appreciation of my support from him, and help inspire others to follow in my lead. This is what more Black Entrepreneurs need. Some one to step up and support them verbally, and financially! I shelled out one buck and that brutha left with at least five! If that ain't the makings of good business, then I'm in the wrong business.



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