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Sunday, March 19, 2006

What is Urban Dynamics?

Urban Dynamics, a new Black Business website aims to be one of these much needed positve spaces for people of color; its founder Lashanda Henry is in the business of helping Black businesses grow. "I created Urban Dynamics because I have a particular interest in Black Community Outreach Initives and Online Entreprenuership. Though the Dot Com days are a thing of the past, the web world still offers the type of creative freedom and mass marketing potential that can help Black Businesses grow. The key is having quality resources and genuine support, which is what Urban Dynamics is all about.

You won't find any crabs in this barrell; what you will find is an intricately designed network of tools, tips, and proffessionals who focus on the Black Business Market.

Urban Dynammics consists of an ever growing collection of free and afforble services for individual entreprenuers and small businesses.

The UD site includes:

-web tools and urban sticky content.
-black rss feeds
-amazon store builder application
-black business directory
-black business networking
-black business news
-web marketing and cheap advertising
-black press releases
-urban web development tips
-making money online
-and more ...

Check out Urban Dynamics:


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