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Monday, July 31, 2006

Marketing on "Myspace" - The New Buzz

I found this great myspace marketing article by Mike Bohatch for anyone interested in utilizing for self promotion: Marketing on "Myspace" - The New Buzz

Here are some intersting parts of the article:

Marketing! ... your marketing yourself, your product, your profile, your popularity ...almost like being in high school again. (or on a different arena)
Yes, congrats - you now have a new web presence!
Your web profile.
You have an address, a photo gallery, and a source for information. (yep, it's all still free.)

Better yet, you can't be spammed the traditional way, because you have no real email address (your email is a function of your profile). No pop-ups, no AOL bills, just a small ad banner that floats across the top, sweet huh!

OK, so moving along .... back to the "look cool" problem.
It's a pretty good guess that a majority of the users AREN'T html CSS hacks and never thought they would ever need to be.
Well, there is a solution! I won't bother adding all the links to various help sites, but what I recommend is typing in "Myspace codes" into Google to find various sites that offer free advice, free software and help to help you format your profile with all the bells and whistles.

So what are we really talking about?
Marketing - a new form of advertising yourself and your offerings to millions of users and consumers who otherwise might have never been aware.
If its socializing your only interested in then there is plenty of that as well .

Potential advantages?
The essence of Myspace has been its all-encompassing architecture. In other words, once your in its environment you can travel to and fro to other users without leaving. This has presented a unique spin on the internet experience. For one, now there are faces to emails and information about the sender. It's a step in the direction of a virtual experience. I'm sure at some point, it will go even beyond that to offer small videos of the users.... The reality of the "Jetsons" future has begun!

.... [read entire article]


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