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Thursday, March 15, 2007

What is Online Networking Really all about?

From time to time I get emails from other Black Entrepreneurs who are interested in networking. Usually we talk abit, exchange links and then the connection fizzles, which is very disappointing. In an effort to build stronger networks online, I decided to sit myself down and really think about what it really means to network online? I came up with the following ideas, tell me what you think.

Networking Online Can Be Achieved in the following ways for various reasons:

1. Meeting New People (by joining newsgroups, forums, or eCommunities)
2. Exchanging Event Invitations (via groups or email)
3. Sharing Ideas and Information (via blogs, groups, or business communities)
4. Self Promotion (through advertising, link exchanges, or article submissions)
5. Generating Icome (by successfully bringing in new clients or through affiliate programs)

I really want to work on developing this concept of online Networking as it makes no sense to meet new people if you have no idea what to say or how to effectively network with them. Let me know what networking techniques work for you...

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Bunmi said...

Great post. I am new to online networking. I am very interested in how to do this thing the right way. I excel at face to face networking. Now I desire to learn how to do it online. Speaking of networking, do you have any suggestions for how to advertise a free Ebook I am giving away that shows others how to get their gas for $1.75 a gallon?

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