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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fresh Faces 2 U: New Online Community

Hi yall, a new online community is out and the founders would like to tell you all about it....

Fresh is a new online community empowerment platform designed to create new opportunities for struggling artisans, while simultaneously providing a philanthropic community service to the entertainment industry.

Not only are we exposing new talent to the world, but we're creating new ways for models/artisans to get paid. Women from around the world have now come together to create an international community empowerment platform designed specifically to provide a venue for exposure, networking, and alliance-building.

Fresh is a unique tech approach to empowering and facilitating new "Rich Media" entrepreneurs; thereby, creating new products, developing new markets, and generating new sources of revenue for the online entertainment community. This new international community empowerment platform will change the way the game is played...breaking down traditional geographical, economic, and cultural barriers to entry for promising new talent.

Our online community consists of adults involved in, or desiring to be in, the entertainment industry. We are looking for positive people who are willing to help us build and promote this new and unique online community.

Feel free to post up a comment and/or banner telling our friends about you and your interests and/or accomplishments. We are all about Networking and sharing the knowledge.

Please tell your friends about us and go to and spend a dollar (plus transaction fee's) for a good cause.

Peace and Gods Blessings,

Jim Neusom
Executive Producer


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