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Friday, June 19, 2009

Turn Your Niche Into a Network

Niche Marketing is a big deal online. That's why I created two of my best selling eBooks: Turn Your Niche into a Network and Create Your Own Ningalicous Network. If you are ready to build your own niche online, these are definitely great reads for online beginners. Click here to download.

Now here's the Black Business Buzz this week:

1. Check out the new black business spotlight members and find out how you can get the spotlight focused on you.

2. New BBWO Video: Find out how and why one couple is buying ONLY Black for the entire year.

3. LLCs, Logos and Links ... what do they all have in common? These are just a few of the hot topics in the BBWO - Blck Business Forum.

4. Looking for new ways to standout on BBWO? Create and/or join a group in your area of interest. Our featured Black Business Group this week: Avon Sisters.

5. Are you on facebook? Let's stay connected
Here is my facebook page:

For more black business tips, tutorials and videos you can visit the official BBWO Blog:


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