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Sunday, August 29, 2010

SistaSense Talks MP3 Giveaway + Selling Ad Space On Your Blog + BBWO Bloggers


LaShanda Henry Shares Three Things Blocking Your Online Business - Video Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

SistaSense Talks MP3 Giveaway: Grab Yours Before Its Gone
As you can tell by these weekly emails, I am a typer ... NOT a talker, BUT I heard it from the great vine that you might just want to do more than read today. Perhaps right this minute, you need to hear my voice and feel like I’m holding your hand, walking you through the process of figuring out where your online business is to today vs. where it could be tomorrow.
SistaSense Talks | Download

Did you watch, A Single Rose yet? Did you see what happened in that first scene? Crazy right! Its playing online right now. Be sure to watch it and let me know what you thought @sistasense.

(01) Selling Space On Your Blog ... How do you know what to charge?
(02) Is Anyone Familiar With Adsense?
(03) Can a social network be a business?
(04) In Case Others Want to Know, How do you ...
(05) How to Get Answers to Your Survey Questions
(06) How did you establish your business?


(01) Upcoming Events for Women Entrepreneurs
(02) Are you promoting your business on youtube?
(03) Business Women Today: What are you doing right now?
(04) Too Busy: How to Keep Up With BBWO
(05) 7 Ways Work at Home Moms Stay Sane and Profitable in the Summer
(06) Did you website get featured in the DailyClick?

Help a Sister Out....
Help with Your Ning Network
Help with Starting a Business Online
Help with Low Cost Marketing Strategies & Driving Traffic to Yo...
Help with Making Money online
Help with Starting a Blog

This concludes the Black Business Women Online Weekend Broadcast. To have your news featured in next weeks email, click here.


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