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Thursday, September 23, 2010

9 Things Women Entrepreneurs Online Should Know About Building a Successful Business

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the question, "What would you ask me if we were on the phone right now?" Well, one of the questions I received from my Facebook circle was, "Do you still have a mentor or person you admire in your industry?" Truth be told I have a few people who guide me and help me learn more about Building a Successful Business.

As you can tell I have a ton of advice for women starting their own business, so I decided to pick 9 things that I have learned and turn them into the video above entitled, "9 Things Women Entrepreneurs Online Should Know About Buiding a Successful Business". If you can not view this video, click here.

After you watch this video be sure to click here and see what LaShanda Henry is working on FOR YOU right now.


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