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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

About the Black Business Q&A

Black Business Q&A

As an African American Entrepreneur hoping to successfully make it online, I often feel like generating Black Business on the web is like jumping into a bottomless pit. It’s dark and massive with no helpful signs or light bulbs along the way. I keep pushing through with a mountain of questions on my mind. Where does my target audience like to shop? Where are the best places to market black content? Who wants black content? Who are the most successful Black Business owners online? Where are my fellow Black Entrepreneurs? The list of questions is often times bigger than my pool of answers. Short of grinding the digital pavement with countless searches, I’ve found limited web resources for Blacks like myself. Until now…

Creating Black Online Entrepreneurs was the first step to finding answers. The next step is looking at these questions from both the perspective of a business owner and customer. I’ve created the Questionnaire: ‘The Black Business Q&A’, which I encourage you to read and share with others within the Black Business Community. The goal of this survey is to collectively answer some of the most common and pressing questions for Blacks interested in making money online. Some questions require you to put on your ‘Customer Thinking Cap’ and others require you to be a ‘Black Professor of Entrepreneurship’. I intend on answering each question myself to start things off and hope that others will follow in my lead. Feel free to only answer the questions that most interest you. But keep in mind that I will be pooling the results and showcasing the best posts. Creating thoughtful comments could lead to some extra free publicity for you.

Please note: Anyone is free to add a comment, but if you are not Black, please state so because these questions are specifically meant to gather feedback from within the Black Community for Black Business Owners.


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