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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What is your favorite African American website and why?

This question is intended to help Black Web Developers find out what types of sites are most important to Black Online viewers and why?

Answer from BOE Founder: LHenry
My favorite Black website is ( because as a black
website developer I am always interested in new African American websites, and
Blackrefer always has a new and interesting website for me to review.


Anonymous said...

My favorite website is

This is a great business/consumer community where you can shop, chat, network, check on the latest news, find a business in your area, strategize on commmunity issues, visit the Diaspora and much, much more! If you could have a community offline, Izania would be it online!


Thuso said...

My favorite African American Website is I like this site because the co-editors, Glen Ford and Peter Gamble, offer very insightful worldview on the Black social and political condition. Their research is thorough, their perspective is global, their opinions are compassionate and bold in challenging conventional wisdom. They share their stage with brilliant observers of the environment that we live in. Their voice is decidedly Black and progressive (not conservative). They do the best job of articulating what I am feeling inside as I go through my daily struggle as a Black man.

Silvertongues said...

I like Black Enterprise and other black sites related to money and business like

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