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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Black RSS Feeds Revisited

With the ever present buzz of rss feeds / article syndication, I'm always trying to create web applications that help promote Black News feeds. I've found several really interesting Black News Sites and Black Entertainment Blogs that aren't incredibly well known, but would serve as great additional content on other pages relevant to African Amerian online viewers. So in yet another attempt to expose more people to some really interested black news sites, and also help promote these sites, I have created Black People News, my new and improved African American RSS Feeds Aggregator. Its a great place to read black interest news, and its also I great place to subscribe to feeds as well as add feed content to your site without prior knowlege of php or javascript. Its a win win site for everybody.

My Work in Progress

Black People News: African American Interest News Feed / Syndicated Articles


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