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Friday, March 31, 2006

Things Every Black Online Entrepreneur Should Know

Being a 'real' business owner takes more than raw talent and drive. You need to be well informed about the Best Business Practices. Research, Self-Education, and seeking help from trained Business Professsionals, are also crucial components of success.

Here is a list of Business and Web Development Concepts that every Black Online Entrepreneur should be aware of:

  • Black Professional Networks
  • Collegiate Black Business Associations
  • Resources for Black Career Women
  • Organizations that focus on Black Business Development
  • Black Business Blogs
  • Black Business Online Directories
  • Black Business News Offline and Online Magazines and other Publications
  • Writing Business Plans and Grant Proposals
  • Strategies to Making Money Online
  • Web Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
  • RSS Feed Syndication and Sticky Content
  • Google and SEO

If you would like to learn more about these topics, fillout a free registration form for Urban Dynamics: Black Business Web Solutions and gain access to an extensive list of Black Business news, articles, links, web tools, and resources. Become a UD member and move a few steps closer to actualizing your dreams of business ownership.


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