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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Increasing Your Holiday Web Sales

It goes without saying that the holiday season is a great time to boost your holiday sales. Everyone is online shopping taking advantage of the sales and free shipping; spending money that all us entrepreneurs are dieing to make! Given the fact that this is a great time to profit from your online business, I've been writing quite a few black business posts about internet marketing and generating more traffic to your site. And among the feedback I've been getting one fellow entrepreneur made a great point, she basically said that "It's not the traffic I'm focused on, it's turning those clicks into cash."

Beyond getting more online visitors to your site, I'm sure you too are more concerned with making sales. You and me both. It is for that reason that I've been working really hard on several holiday marketing strategies, some of which Jamila White explains in her article: "Seven Tricks for More Holiday Web Sales". I recently came across Jamila's article and thought she did a really good job at explaining some of the key eCommerce techniques one needs to know when trying to boost web sales in addition to drawing in more traffic.

So in addition to featuring this great post: "Seven Tricks for More Holiday Web Sales", I wanted to show you how I have actually put some of these strategies to pratical good use. Perhaps you can find a few tricks that might work for you.

  1. My Sites are extra Holiday Special: Multiple Shades of You, Mahogany Momma, and the Urban Gift Guide all feature images and content related to Christmas and the holidays in general. Tip: Want to know where I get all those great photos for my holiday promotions? - low cost and great quality.
  2. Gift Ideas are a great way to promote your products and create quality holiday content, so I created the Urban Gift Guide, which has generated positive feedback. If you don't have products to sell, but you have a blog and use Google adsense, creating holiday posts is a great way to take advantage of those holiday Google ad clicks.
  3. Gift Certificates, Giveaways, or Discounts are musthaves during the Holiday Season. My Black Business eBook is currently on sale and I am featuring holiday contests on Black Freebies.
  4. Last but not least, in addition to regularly posting/promoting my holiday specials I offer other businesses the opportunity to promote on my pages. My main webpage Multiple Shades of You currently features banner promotion of Cocoaprints Greeting Cards and the new movie movie The Perfect Holiday, featuring an all star cast of Black Actors. Those interested in advertising on the msoy network click here for more details.
Don't let the holiday season pass without taking the initiative to boost your web sales. Tell me, what's been working for you?



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