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Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Showcase of Successful Black Women

Successful Sista Profiles
After creating the Successful Black Business Women page, I received emails from many women who were interested in being added to the list, so I decided to revamp the listing into an ongoing directory of Successful Sista Profiles. For those of you who haven't already reviewed the site, this listing was created to give tribute to the many Black Women past and present who have paved the way for aspiring Business Women of Color. The site is also intended to serve as a resource for entrepreneurs looking to find experienced women in their area of interest for sources of information, inspiration, guidance, or networking. And last but not least, I wanted this listing to serve as a promotional tool for the Sistas listed; an innovative way to share their work with the entire web community.

I will regularly update the Successful Sista Profiles to feature more Black Women, mixing in both well known and new faces. If you are a Black Woman / Woman of Color with a business Big or Small and you would like to add your profile to the listing please review the Successful Black Business Women page for more details.

Successful Sista Profiles was created by Lashanda Henry for the Black Business Women Connect Blog. Official Url:

Be sure to also review the Black Business Tools featured on the blog and remember to join the group.


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