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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Inside the SistaSense Power Circle

The SistaSense Power Circle Two Day TeleSummit was a HUGE success, but you don't have to take my word for it. Watch the video above, to get a sneak peak into the nuggets of GOLD, powerful information that our speakers were sharing.

I know you want the replays. The pre-order rate of $45 has expired, BUT you can use the extended promo code PCR15 to get $15 off! This code will work for the next 30 who use it. As many attendees noted, this package is worth WAY more. After listening to the unbelievable WEALTH of information, 9 sessions, 60 minutes each from 7 business professionals committed to your personal and professional growth ... after listening, attendees could not believe they GOT ALL that wealth for at such a low cost.

Way more important than adding a price tag to this was my GOAL to create a POWERFUL, USEFUL, PRACTICAL, ACCESSIBLE tool to those of you out there who need the guidance, the information, the inspiration, but don't have that power circle around you. Folks tell me to raise my prices ALL THE TIME, but at the end of the day I always want to focus on what works for you. What is realistic and feasible for you. SO this is it! This is for you. This is my power circle.

Power Circle Attendee, Regina Baker had this to say about Our TeleSummit:

After listening to the speakers last night, I understood clearly that it wasn’t a “get this, buy this and do this rally” — they shared the why, how and what, that got them to where they are today, AND each one of them eventually ended their session saying the same thing — about aligning yourself around positive, encouraging, like-minded, going somewhere people!

I can honestly say, in all my 14 years online, never, ever have I heard so much honesty, generosity and truth. These are the type of people I choose to surround myself with – just one of my POWER circles, what’s yours? - Regina Baker

Read Regina's complete post Sistasense Recap: Ditch the Bling. Visit my contact me page to let me know what you would like to hear and who you would like to speak at the next Power Circle TeleSummit. To download the replays and/or learn more go to

Last but not least, for those of you who asked, I do host weekly SistaSense Circle Calls. My mastermind group for women entrepreneurs who want to talk business, learn my marketing strategies, and ultimately get things done. For more details about the weekly calls visit


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