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Sunday, October 16, 2005

BET and the Ultimate Hustler

I'm sure we all have a few choice words as far as the quality of shows on BET. I'm sure there are those out there who would agree with me that in SOME ways Damon Dash's new reality show, Ultimate Hustler looks like a ghetto version of the Apprentice. But I'm also sure that there are some people out there who can watch the show and learn from these cats. Rather than get into the 101 ghetto things people say and promote on this show for ratings, I want to take this opportunity to focus on it's high points.

  1. It's good to see that in spite of his Business up and downs with Jay Z, Damon is still doing his thing. As a business person you got to learn to roll with the punches. I watch the show for all his product plugs, so I know what he's doing and how he's staying in the game. Among is many financial endeavors he is coming out with the Roc Box ( a new mp3 player, which I hope gives i-pod some competition. Let's be real, they all do the same thing - play music - so let's create a new trend by supporting a Black Man trying to come up in the Technology game. If we can spend money on psp and ipods, the Roc Box should get some love too.
  2. On the topic of Damon promoting his stuff on the show. I learned that whatever I create I have to use. It's a great form of self promotion, and at the end of the day guess what - if I am not going to use what I am trying to sell - who the hell is going to buy it? You have to be your best customer, and indeed I am learning that.
  3. Something I already knew, but it never hurts to hear again is the importance of networking. Some of the team members on the Ultimate Hustler cast are loosing Hustle points because they spend more time sleeping and being groupies than going out talking to folks and making connections. It's the people that you meet on your way up that might be the help you need later in life.
  4. One thing I love and hate about the show is the way Damon cuts them down when they act like their 'ish don't stink. I think one of the many side effects of black youth having to grow up and fend for themselves (for whatever reason) is that we think "Because I did XYZ on my own, I am the shit, and nobody can tell me shit!" The cats on the show, and young black cats in general need to learn how to take constructive critism, listen, and learn that where you been someone else has been a thousand times before. I watch alot of the black reality shows and find that we, moreso than others, find it hard to listen to someone who is trying to help us out and give good advice. I'm hoping as "Hustler's in Training" some cats out there are getting something out of this show.
  5. Of course, I think in any environment where you have to work with others, they are gaining an opportunity to learn team building skills and stay on top of there game. I for one will stay tuned for the next episode, cause truthfully speaking I rather learn a few lessons for free from a Hip-Hop Business man like Damon Dash, than spend my time gossiping to friends about how everything on BET is so ghetto.

*Thanks to listening to the words of my boyfriend, I now know that in between the booty shaking if you listen you can actually find some great information on BET. With a pen and paper always in had, I have found out about community programs that celebs are starting, new black businesses and products, plus commentary that you won't get in mainstream news. Had I not watched Ultimate Hustler I would not have learned about the Rock Box, or the start-up companies that some of these contestants have worked hard to create. Any source can be used as an educational tool. You just need to know how to use it.


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